Our portfolio consists of projects executed for diverse clientele. Device Control System has partnered with leading audio visual product manufacturers for distribution and sales support.

Device Control Systems is a commercial contractor. Our core business is the design, installation, and service of sound, video, and lighting systems.

About Us

About Us

Founded in 2004, Device Control Systems evolved from a local AV integration of audiovisual equipment to a total solution provider in pro AV/IT . We are a Coimbatore based, India’s leading tactical integration designers of Audio and Visual Solutions. Today, we are one of the leading national AV/IT companies and have the full capability to serve the national corporate clients, no matter the size of their projects and the locations. Being in the industry for more than a decade, we have got the opportunity to provide our service with a wide range of products all over the country.

Device Control Systems is a commercial contractor. Our core business is the design, installation, and service of sound, video, and lighting systems.

Our Team

We have energetic, fresh and vibrant team with creative talent, industry knowledge and extremely high standards. The strategy which makes us unique is we integrate all the products to one fully automated system controllable through touch panels or i-phones and remotely accessible from any point.

From the initial design to the final testing and system commissioning, Device Control Systems Engineers have the formal education, training, and experience to provide the most reliable and technically advanced AV systems. The engineering team has degrees in electrical, mechanical, and acoustical engineering, as well as physics, computer science.  Device Control Systems engineering staff includes two registered professional engineers. Device Control Systems engineers have multiple years of “hands-on” experience and industry certifications.

How we Work

We have partnered with leading audio visual product manufacturers for distribution and sales support. After understanding the needs and the application of the customer, the project team would consult to provide the products and solution to the customer.

We ensure all our customers get timely support post installation of these products. We also enter into Maintenance and Service contracts to ensure that their customers make best utilization of their equipments even after the warranty period.


Auditorium, Boardroom, Broadcast Facilities, Classroom, Conference Space, Control Room, Council Chamber, Courtroom, Customer Experience Centre, Front of House, Hospitals, Lecture Theatre, Meeting Room, Network Operations Centre, Retail Space, Trading Floor.


Audio Equipment, Audio conferencing, Central Control Equipment-Building Automation, Connectivity / Infrastructure, Flat Panel Display, IPTV, Interactive Whiteboard, LED Display, Lighting, Lighting Equipment, Projection Equipment, Security Equipment, Digital Signage, Videoconferencing / Tele-Presence, Wireless Presentation System




  • Assess & Design,
  • Needs Analysis
  • Workflow Design
  • Interface Design
  • Enterprise Standards
  • Engineer & Integrate
  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Fabrication, Programming
  • Testing & Verification
  • Installation


Control Systems

Need for Control Systems

In any facility such as a boardroom, training centre or auditorium more the number of Equipments means more number of remotes and switches and options. With all individual Equipments providing state of the art features the presenter or the users are at discomfort in using all the Equipments effectively. It is also seen that in situations where multiple users use a training room or a boardroom all the users may not be trained to use the facility to its full potential. Hence a need for a simple yet effective system. Logic can be incorporated to the same giving maximum flexibility to multiple users with least effort.

What is Control Systems?

Solutions can be custom designed for a simple and specific application such as boardroom presentation or multi purpose conference rooms, which could be used for varied applications such as training, distance learning through video conferencing, brain storming, video or data presentations, product presentation or just simple audio visual entertainment. The solution can also involve providing integrated feedback control system for controlling all the Equipments in the facility through a simple front-end touch panel.

Our experienced team of trained personnel can provide a complete solution to integrate almost all the electrical and electronics in the facility to a simple user-friendly interface. After a complete understanding of the work habits and the applications of the client, a simple yet powerful system could be designed such that just anybody and everybody could use the facility with almost no formal training. Multiple & Complex operations can be simplified to just simple touches on a control panel.

Trade Centre

Marketing in the present day and age relies to a large extent on generating the maximum share of voice. With rising competition and shifting customer loyalties, enterprises are increasingly banking on capturing the attention of their target audiences by resorting to captivating communication strategies.

Audio-visual and communications systems have become vital tools in the marketing kit of every enterprise – more so with players in the retail space – as key facilitators for promoting business and boosting sales. Leading this new strategy are technology options like plasma screens, monitor video walls, LED screens, interactive kiosks and video servers.

However, a neatly packaged mechanism is required to ensure that these potent tools deliver the expected punch. This is possible only if all components of the audio-visual apparatus are bound together by a control system with remote diagnostics and status monitoring.

At Device, our profound understanding of the specific needs of retail players, have enabled us to develop and deliver AV solutions that provide maximum impact with minimal use of space, suited to their image and environment.

We design and supply turnkey playback solutions for audio, SD and HDTV video, film and computers. Our systems are installed in major trade shows, convention centers, museums and visitor congregation points in all parts of the world. Technologies that are integrated include plasma screens, interactive environments, large projectors and audio-visual show control.

Video Servers developed especially for customers requiring access to a high quality state-of-the-art digital video delivery system ensure the flexibility required to design, implement and operate complex but cost-effective computer based AV interactive systems. With features like user-programmable play list and remote uploading for frequent show updates, the Video Server is an ideal replacement for laserdisc players. Other solutions include interactive kiosks and exhibits, distributed delivery, and on-demand video systems.

Our Control area network software application allows for local and remote control of all AV assets through a LAN or the Internet apart from monitoring devices for status or fault information as well as providing full remote diagnostics capability, thereby significantly lowering the need for on-site technical resources.

With large LED screens integrated with lighting, being increasingly being used, our solutions offering of the Image processor is a reliable tool – driving LED walls, soft-edged large projectors and DLP and LCD rear projection video walls. Unmatched ability to combine video and graphics sources without compromising quality, ruggedness and a simple user interface makes it a dependable ally for a wide variety of cube based video walls, used in many exhibition and conference applications.

All Device products are designed for real-time performance required in live event applications. They are supplied with comprehensive control software that can be integrated with overall event control systems.

Defence Military Control Room

A changing world scenario has radically redefined the concept of war and also the way they are fought. With blurring geographical boundaries and fine timelines, defense forces have to be quick to respond to challenges. This calls for real time access to information and constantly updated communication systems.

A fully automated, networked communications solution is critical to creating a strategically responsive force, dominant across the full spectrum of military operations.

At Device, our expertise in RF and networking enables us to offer highly effective solutions for routing, connecting and displaying data from platform to desktop, with capabilities that optimize performance and mitigate integration issues.

With advanced capabilities, proven reliability, and flexible user interfaces, our products are preferred by a wide spectrum of organizations in defense establishments, worldwide.

The offerings of Device for the defense domain cater to the high precision requirements like flight simulators, tactical operations centers, training centers, video conferencing rooms, network operations, mission planning and command and control.

Our innovative solutions for the display, recording, and transmission of computer and video signals are delivered through products that include scan converters, video windowing systems, multi-input processors, keyers / overlayers, seamless switchers, video scalers, multi-screen displays and high scan rate recording devices. These provide the functionality for combining, converting, switching, and recording both video and computer signals – according the crucial edge to military command and control operations.

With Simulation exercises becoming the norm for high-end training in key operations, equipment used for such critical needs call for the latest in video graphic technology.

A wide array of products like Scan Converters, Scalers & Synchronizers, Multi Input Displays, Video Walls, Overlayers/Keyers, Matrix Switchers ensure that our solutions for Simulation & Training enable smooth flow of information from the instructor’s console to the student’s station.


Our solutions for museums and visitor centers include a whole range of integrated multimedia technologies. Some of the technologies integrated include plasma screens, interactives, large projectors and audio-visual show control.

Device control solutions facilitate and enhance entertainment and learning in museums; keeping in needs with the expected audience experience, ergonomonics, ambience, technology systems that would fit into the design and technology infrastructure planned.

Our interactive museum environment are multifaceted – AV systems are used for Projection and sound, Multi-screen or single screen theaters, simulated experiences, control systems that mesh the video with audio, lighting, effects and data, Interactive information kiosks, real time video and digital signal routing, touch-screen interactive exhibits, surveillance, etc.

Whether your need is to construct a new gallery or museum or create a modern creative environment in an existing facility, we can deliver to best of technologies and engineering to meet your budget and time.


Auditoriums have a huge impact and are the ideal environment to deliver information to large numbers of people. However, they can only achieve this if they are professionally designed and supported with the latest equipment.

Audiovisual technology is changing the way businesses meet their communication needs with their employees and customers, transforming auditoriums into interactive multimedia environments for collaboration.

Device has experience in creating auditoriums that successfully integrate a client’s technical needs with new or existing technology/architectural requirements. We provide complete consultation, design, technology, installation and support services that deliver effective auditorium solutions.

Architects routinely collaborate with Device to conceive these specialized environments, which range from basic to highly interactive and structured AV installations. Multi-purpose auditoriums can be designed to include a full suite of image displays encompassing video walls, flat screen plasma or LCD rear or front screen projection and two-way audio and/or videoconferencing. Sources can include computer, DVD, CD and videotape equipment for prepared presentations as well as Internet access. The room can be fully automated, with light, sound and projection controls, and can have multiple control system locations, offering ease of use and mobility for presenters.

Our Auditorium solutions provide for comfortable seating, clear sightlines and excellent acoustics. Our screens and projectors are also carefully specified to ensure text and visuals are legible to everyone in the audience.

Device has installed auditoriums in a wide range of companies, universities and MOD establishments, with seating for between 50 to 2000 people.

Video Conference and Video Streaming

In a world where businesses are transacted across continents many times over in any given day, enterprises are highly dependent on getting their communication across to business partners and consumers in real time.

Video Streaming and Conferencing have made a significant impact on corporate communications as a powerful and effective way to do this. Businesses are today increasingly using this tool to deliver a wide variety of communication to their target audiences.

At Device, our Video Streaming and Conferencing solutions help you reach communication across to your target in the most efficient and cost effective manner. These path-breaking solutions throw up immense possibilities.

From delivering a corporate message to providing training content, from streaming the CEO’s address to Investor and Analyst briefings, Company news, Company events, product launch information, from broadcasting a shareholder meeting live on the internet to archiving a sales training session on the company intranet or even placing a customer support interface on a CDROM, product demos, customer testimonials, virtual tours – do more with the Video Streaming and Conferencing solutions from Device.

Our end-to-end solutions offer world-class capabilities that promote interaction, reviews and mentoring no matter how scattered your groups may be, enabling your business to profit from vital gains like expeditious decisions and faster time-to-market of your products, to name a few.

With an attractive range of features our solutions deliver an interactive presentation experience- like synchronizing streaming video with PowerPoint slides to instantly convey important information, interactive polling and survey facilities to allow real-time feedback, embed URLs to drive traffic to your website or online store directly from the presentation – enabling you get more out of your investment.

Video Streaming and Conferencing solutions from Device – enabling the convergence of cutting edge technology with sound business sense.

Network Operation Station

A truly rich audio-visual experience requires the seamless integration of riveting imagery created by video and captivating symphony generated by audio. Making this experience possible are formidable control centers that provide the crucial choreography for a well- orchestrated execution.

We understand that a reliable and efficient ‘behind the scenes’ functionality is vital to an impressive ‘on screen’ performance. Helping you achieve this functionality are Network Operation Stations – control centers that combine the best of equipment, design and fully integrated systems.

We offer an array of solutions for a wide range of applications, with the capability to address the requirements of any combination of projection, audio, video, single or networked interactive computers, show control and event scheduling. These solutions are backed by solid engineering skills, project management abilities and quality production values.

With AV applications for business rapidly becoming mainstream, it has become imperative that the different systems used to source, manage, and deliver are integrated with the various levels of infrastructure and user interfaces.

At Device, we have put this understanding into our Network solutions that brings virtually every AV application together in a streamlined architecture capable of satisfying the varied and sophisticated needs for all users.

Our Network Operation Stations are total network and distribution solutions providing complete control, distribution and management of virtually any AV resource, developed as an open-architecture system, to enable the optimization of delivery and management across various platforms like LAN, WAN, and Internet.

Device Control Solutions is a comprehensive suite of software applications, components, device drivers, control API’s, and protocols. What’s more, superb ease-of-use and intelligent user interface design combined with depth of control, customization, and scalability, make for a great tool to put you in total control – to deliver a truly rich audio visual experience.

Board Room and Conference Room Solutions

Simplify and streamline the technology in your board rooms, conference rooms or throughout the facility. We can create solutions to simplify installation and practical usage, at the same time provide room for maintenance and scalability.

Control and automate the lights, drapes, screens, thermostats and AV equipment – all from an intuitive easy-to-use touch panel, remote or custom keypad. Let us take control of the technology so you can focus on your meetings.

Control any DVD player, projector, VCR, document camera and more from an intuitive touch panel. The correct equipment is turned on, the right settings are selected and the media is displayed automatically with the touch of a button.

We have evolved far beyond the touch panel and control system, becoming the definitive source for centrally and globally controlling, managing and presenting information.

Our presentation and collaboration tools make multi-media presentations and remote meetings simple and professional. Camera control and video preview windows are built into our touch panels for teleconferencing; an electronic whiteboard inside our touch panel is capable of live annotation over any computer or video source which can be displayed on a plasma or projector.

If you cannot see the presentation due to a glare from the window your drapes or shades can be controlled automatically from the touch panel.

Set dynamic lighting scenes room by room, zone by zone or throughout a facility. One simple button press can accent architectural features, create helpful task lighting, enhance videoconferencing and more. We at Device bring you the most comprehensive line of user-interfaces to commercial lighting and dimming control, plus the ability to remotely monitor, manage and control buildings over standard IP networks.

Temperature settings can be automatically adjusted based on time of day or room usage. The room gets a little warm after the projector runs for a while or the room gets full, change the settings right from your touch panel.
With the world’s leading advanced control systems as our foundation, Device addresses the needs of facility managers and IT directors seeking to monitor and manage a variety of technologies over a single network. Whether it’s a single room or the entire building, across a campus or a global network, our solutions centralize control of audio and video devices, security cameras, lighting and HVAC.
For today’s business world, Device has the technology and experience to control, manage and deliver the information that build connections and connect buildings campus or a global network.

Security Solutions

Safety concerns and the potential threat from burglars and anti-social elements have raised the requirement for security and surveillance for home and small businesses. Security equipment not only give you protection and peace of mind, they also serve as effective deterrents to potential offenders.

At Device, while we provide path-breaking solutions for enhancing your comfort, we have also developed in sure-fire safeguards to protect you and your property from unforeseen calamities.

Our security solutions provide comprehensive cover to all facets of your safety needs. Monitor the front door or gate; watch the kids by the swimming pool; or check on the baby napping in the nursery. You can control security cameras and watch what’s going on around the house right from your touch panel.

From a wide range of CCTV systems for disaster warning, to surveillance systems for recording visitor movements, we offer various kinds of equipment, to help monitor and provide advance alerts.

Our security solution lets you view who’s at the main gate when the doorbell rings, through the Web camera. Then within the comforts of your home, you can allow the guest to enter, remotely with a touch of a button. Also, if you’re out, your visitors can conveniently leave you a video message, which you can check with your Home Pad or Wall Pad when you return. Our solution includes: Automatic door lock, Home Gateway, Access Point, Home Pad, Wall Pad, video security and voice communications access to your home at the press of a button.

An impeccable portfolio of security products to address every need – security cameras, motion detectors, door & window contacts, security systems, sirens & sounders, access control, digital voice recorders, sensors, etc.

Device – tried and tested solutions to ensure that your home is a haven of peace and safety


With light and sound under your control, you can be the master of all you survey with a total command over the other elements in your home pad.

At Device, our endeavor is to help you exercise complete digital control of every facet of living in the house. Our innovative communications solutions help keep your home comfortable at all times monitoring temperature and humidity levels automatically. In fact, you no longer need to get up or even be at home to adjust climate controls.

With revolutionary concepts from Device, you can control multiple zones from one location and easily pre-set temperature set points. Keep your home at a more energy efficient temperature while you’re out, and programme to automatically adjust to more comfortable levels by the time you get home. You could use your PDA or PC to control the HVAC remotely, even monitor the wine cellar or greenhouse atrium temperatures.

Our solutions are convenient to install as it expands on basic home wiring to deliver a dynamic entertainment and communication system. Once installed, this solution enables access to all entertainment communication systems entertainment services in any room of your home, facilitating connect to the network TV system, phones and computer systems throughout the house.

Go ahead, make that style statement – with path-breaking communication solutions from Device



Lifestyles in today’s digital age with pressures on time have seen people resorting to recreate the magic of the cinema hall in their living rooms. At Device, we understand the need of the discerning movie aficionado. Our entertainment offerings help you create the ultimate Home Theater with cutting edge solutions. With a single touch of the controller, the lights dim, the shades close, the screen opens, the temperature adjusts, the AV components turn on, the inputs are selected, the volume is set and the DVD server begins to play. All you need is to reach out for your soda and popcorn as you relax.

Our entertainment solutions put you in the director’s seat as you enjoy complete control of the action right from your recliner. For modern movie lovers, nothing stirs the imagination like the impact of an earth shaking sound effect, the soothing warmth of a lushly orchestrated soundtrack, or the high drama of on screen action. Combine this with numerous options for adding dynamic surround sound experience, and you have a wholesome movie hall ambience.

Device offers a wide array of products and solutions in the Home Entertainment domain. The range includes projectors to beam movies, games and TV events, an unmatched range of Home theater screens to choose from – Electric Wall / Ceiling Screens, Fixed Wall Screens and rear Projection Screens.

Our Home Theater systems are winners in their category on account of the unbeatable image and sound quality to enrich your total movie experience.

Home Audio Video Network Integration

Latest technology advances in the entertainment space has thrown up a plethora of options with regard to audio / video equipment to cater to a wide range of applications and needs. Combine this with modern lifestyles and individual tastes, you have a scenario of diverse AV equipment to operate and control spread across various locations in the home.

Device provides audio and video intercom solutions to enable the ultimate integration of whole-house AV. Sample this – while listening to your favorite music or watching a DVD on the home theater, you will know the instant someone rings the doorbell or enters the driveway as the audio is gently muted, the camera picture appears on the touch panel or television, and you are able to speak with the visitor and grant access to your home at the simple touch of a button.

Our AV integration solutions are engineered taking into cognizance the need to operate, monitor and control a wide range of equipment spread across the various rooms and locations of your home.

These revolutionary integration concepts enable you to enjoy music throughout the entire home or in just the room you choose with our distributed audio solutions. Experience the full impact of a blockbuster movie with digital surround sound. Listen to your jazz CDs while you read in your living room as the kids play video games in their den and your spouse listens to the radio on the terrace. What’s more, you can do all this by exercising control from any room in the house, obviating the need to walk up to the stereo to choose a component, select a CD, change tracks or adjust volume.

Digital Class Room AV Systems

Device Control Systems are complete, easy-to-use AV switching and control systems that seamlessly integrate digital and analogue video sources. Each system uses economical twisted pair cable for transmitting signals and includes network connectivity for Web-based AV resource management, monitoring, and control. These standard two and four-input systems include all the necessary audio and video switching, audio amplification, system control, source connectivity, speakers, mounting hardware, and cabling for a complete classroom AV solution. All that remains is to add the display device and sources.

Distance learning is a way of learning remotely without being in regular face-to-face contact with a teacher in the classroom. We are providing such a setup through Audio Visual & Networking components.

Classroom Paging Solutions

School Paging and intercom systems provide educators with comprehensive communications and safety in the classroom.  Device Control Systems school paging solutions are affordable and easy to implement for schools and school districts.

Device Control Systems  classroom intercom systems offer emergency features such as single button access to reach individual classroom, the ability to page all rooms at once, the ability to page multiple buildings, as well as inputs for background music or recordings, and tone signals for class start and stop times. A School Paging System provides important communications and for safety reasons are a must.

Systems can be designed with Built In Emergency Evacuation which includes pre-recorded event messages for Severe Weather Warnings, Fire Evacuation Instructions, Intruder Lock Down, Medical Emergency and more. Our school paging can come equipped with automatic clock controlled tone generators for start of class end of class schedule bell tones over classroom and hallway speakers.

Classroom AV Networking

Networked Classroom AV Systems from Device Control Systems provide the necessary infrastructure to enable students to fully experience audio and video in the classroom for many applications, including distribution of video over IP, videoconferencing, and classroom presentations.

Device Control Systems has specifically designed the components, and configured the packages to provide the most effective performance in the widest variety of classroom environments. Device Control Systems Networked Classroom AV Systems are easy-to-use, network enabled, all-inclusive AV switching and control packages, making them ideal for single display K-12 classrooms.

These systems use economical twisted pair cable for transmitting signals and include network connectivity to provide multiple connections to the internet. Complete Classroom AV Each system includes all the necessary audio and video switching, network connectivity, audio amplification, system control, source connectivity, mounting, speakers, and cabling for a complete classroom AV solution. All that remains is to add the sources and video projector or flat-panel display. All solutions are designed, and supported by Device Control Systems, ensuring that they will work together and function properly as a system


Video Conference and Video Streaming

Video Conference and Video Streaming

In a world where businesses are transacted across continents many times over in any given day,




Auditoriums have a huge impact and are the ideal environment to deliver information to large




Our solutions for museums and visitor centers include a whole range of integrated multimedia


Defence Military Control Room

Defence Military Control Room

A changing world scenario has radically redefined the concept of war and also the way they are


Trade Centre

Trade Centre

Marketing in the present day and age relies to a large extent on generating the maximum share of


Control Systems

Control Systems

Need for Control Systems In any facility such as a boardroom, training centre or auditorium more