Auditoriums have a huge impact and are the ideal environment to deliver information to large numbers of people. However, they can only achieve this if they are professionally designed and supported with the latest equipment. Audiovisual technology is changing the way businesses meet their communication needs with their employees and customers, transforming auditoriums into interactive multimedia environments for collaboration. Device has experience in creating auditoriums that successfully integrate a client’s technical needs with new or existing technology/architectural requirements. We provide complete consultation, design, technology, installation and support services that deliver effective auditorium solutions. Architects routinely collaborate with Device to conceive these specialized environments, which range from basic to highly interactive and structured AV installations. Multi-purpose auditoriums can be designed to include a full suite of image displays encompassing video walls, flat screen plasma or LCD rear or front screen projection and two-way audio and/or videoconferencing. Sources can include computer, DVD, CD and videotape equipment for prepared presentations as well as Internet access. The room can be fully automated, with light, sound and projection controls, and can have multiple control system locations, offering ease of use and mobility for presenters. Our Auditorium solutions provide for comfortable seating, clear sightlines and excellent acoustics. Our screens and projectors are also carefully specified to ensure text and visuals are legible to everyone in the audience. Device has installed auditoriums in a wide range of companies, universities and MOD establishments, with seating for between 50 to 2000 people.