Control Systems

Need for Control Systems In any facility such as a boardroom, training centre or auditorium more the number of Equipments means more number of remotes and switches and options. With all individual Equipments providing state of the art features the presenter or the users are at discomfort in using all the Equipments effectively. It is also seen that in situations where multiple users use a training room or a boardroom all the users may not be trained to use the facility to its full potential. Hence a need for a simple yet effective system. Logic can be incorporated to the same giving maximum flexibility to multiple users with least effort. What is Control Systems? Solutions can be custom designed for a simple and specific application such as boardroom presentation or multi purpose conference rooms, which could be used for varied applications such as training, distance learning through video conferencing, brain storming, video or data presentations, product presentation or just simple audio visual entertainment. The solution can also involve providing integrated feedback control system for controlling all the Equipments in the facility through a simple front-end touch panel. Our experienced team of trained personnel can provide a complete solution to integrate almost all the electrical and electronics in the facility to a simple user-friendly interface. After a complete understanding of the work habits and the applications of the client, a simple yet powerful system could be designed such that just anybody and everybody could use the facility with almost no formal training. Multiple & Complex operations can be simplified to just simple touches on a control panel.