Defence Military Control Room

A changing world scenario has radically redefined the concept of war and also the way they are fought. With blurring geographical boundaries and fine timelines, defense forces have to be quick to respond to challenges. This calls for real time access to information and constantly updated communication systems. A fully automated, networked communications solution is critical to creating a strategically responsive force, dominant across the full spectrum of military operations. At Device, our expertise in RF and networking enables us to offer highly effective solutions for routing, connecting and displaying data from platform to desktop, with capabilities that optimize performance and mitigate integration issues. With advanced capabilities, proven reliability, and flexible user interfaces, our products are preferred by a wide spectrum of organizations in defense establishments, worldwide. The offerings of Device for the defense domain cater to the high precision requirements like flight simulators, tactical operations centers, training centers, video conferencing rooms, network operations, mission planning and command and control. Our innovative solutions for the display, recording, and transmission of computer and video signals are delivered through products that include scan converters, video windowing systems, multi-input processors, keyers / overlayers, seamless switchers, video scalers, multi-screen displays and high scan rate recording devices. These provide the functionality for combining, converting, switching, and recording both video and computer signals – according the crucial edge to military command and control operations. With Simulation exercises becoming the norm for high-end training in key operations, equipment used for such critical needs call for the latest in video graphic technology. A wide array of products like Scan Converters, Scalers & Synchronizers, Multi Input Displays, Video Walls, Overlayers/Keyers, Matrix Switchers ensure that our solutions for Simulation & Training enable smooth flow of information from the instructor’s console to the student’s station.