Trade Centre

Marketing in the present day and age relies to a large extent on generating the maximum share of voice. With rising competition and shifting customer loyalties, enterprises are increasingly banking on capturing the attention of their target audiences by resorting to captivating communication strategies. Audio-visual and communications systems have become vital tools in the marketing kit of every enterprise – more so with players in the retail space – as key facilitators for promoting business and boosting sales. Leading this new strategy are technology options like plasma screens, monitor video walls, LED screens, interactive kiosks and video servers. However, a neatly packaged mechanism is required to ensure that these potent tools deliver the expected punch. This is possible only if all components of the audio-visual apparatus are bound together by a control system with remote diagnostics and status monitoring. At Device, our profound understanding of the specific needs of retail players, have enabled us to develop and deliver AV solutions that provide maximum impact with minimal use of space, suited to their image and environment. We design and supply turnkey playback solutions for audio, SD and HDTV video, film and computers. Our systems are installed in major trade shows, convention centers, museums and visitor congregation points in all parts of the world. Technologies that are integrated include plasma screens, interactive environments, large projectors and audio-visual show control. Video Servers developed especially for customers requiring access to a high quality state-of-the-art digital video delivery system ensure the flexibility required to design, implement and operate complex but cost-effective computer based AV interactive systems. With features like user-programmable play list and remote uploading for frequent show updates, the Video Server is an ideal replacement for laserdisc players. Other solutions include interactive kiosks and exhibits, distributed delivery, and on-demand video systems. Our Control area network software application allows for local and remote control of all AV assets through a LAN or the Internet apart from monitoring devices for status or fault information as well as providing full remote diagnostics capability, thereby significantly lowering the need for on-site technical resources. With large LED screens integrated with lighting, being increasingly being used, our solutions offering of the Image processor is a reliable tool – driving LED walls, soft-edged large projectors and DLP and LCD rear projection video walls. Unmatched ability to combine video and graphics sources without compromising quality, ruggedness and a simple user interface makes it a dependable ally for a wide variety of cube based video walls, used in many exhibition and conference applications. All Device products are designed for real-time performance required in live event applications. They are supplied with comprehensive control software that can be integrated with overall event control systems.