Network Operation Station


A truly rich audio-visual experience requires the seamless integration of riveting imagery created by video and captivating symphony generated by audio. Making this experience possible are formidable control centers that provide the crucial choreography for a well- orchestrated execution.

We understand that a reliable and efficient ‘behind the scenes’ functionality is vital to an impressive ‘on screen’ performance. Helping you achieve this functionality are Network Operation Stations – control centers that combine the best of equipment, design and fully integrated systems.

We offer an array of solutions for a wide range of applications, with the capability to address the requirements of any combination of projection, audio, video, single or networked interactive computers, show control and event scheduling. These solutions are backed by solid engineering skills, project management abilities and quality production values.

With AV applications for business rapidly becoming mainstream, it has become imperative that the different systems used to source, manage, and deliver are integrated with the various levels of infrastructure and user interfaces.

At Device, we have put this understanding into our Network solutions that brings virtually every AV application together in a streamlined architecture capable of satisfying the varied and sophisticated needs for all users.

Our Network Operation Stations are total network and distribution solutions providing complete control, distribution and management of virtually any AV resource, developed as an open-architecture system, to enable the optimization of delivery and management across various platforms like LAN, WAN, and Internet.

Device Control Solutions is a comprehensive suite of software applications, components, device drivers, control API’s, and protocols. What’s more, superb ease-of-use and intelligent user interface design combined with depth of control, customization, and scalability, make for a great tool to put you in total control – to deliver a truly rich audio visual experience.